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Alligator Adventure

Alligator Adventure Information

Located adjacent to Barefoot Landing in North Myrtle Beach, Alligator Adventure is one of the largest facilities for reptile life in the world! At Alligator Adventure you’ll find yourself face to face with nature’s fiercest and most beautiful animals. Meet Utan - King of the Crocs, considered the largest crocodile on exhibit in the United States, measuring 20 feet long and weighing in at more than 1000. Not only are alligators "on the menu" so to speak, you'll see tropical birds, huge tortoises, bats, kangaroos, bobcats, snakes, and so many more!

Alligator Adventure Live Show Info

Alligator Live Feedings

(mid-April through mid-October) Watch in awe as 15ft alligators leap out of the water and slam their powerful jaws down on their dinner. How high can they go? What do they eat? Come join us, and we'll gladly answer any of your alligator related questions... heck, they don't even have to be about alligators! Sometimes if you're lucky, our very own staff veterinarian Dr. Sam Seashole - aka "The Croc Doc" will be on hand to answer a few questions and even autograph his documentary video just for you.

Alligator Handling and Lecture

In the cooler months alligators don't eat, but that doesn't mean we still won't entertain you. In place of our alligator feeding shows, we have a live alligator handling and lecture. Just a few feet away from where you sit, one of our trained lecturers will let you touch a real live alligator, get your picture taken, and tell you every interesting fact you've ever wanted to know about these fascinating creatures.

Snake Handling

Slither your way into our amphitheatre and let our professional staff teach you a thing or two about these misunderstood reptiles. How do you tell a venomous snake from a non venomous one? Are they really slimy? And where else could you find a lucky young audience member wearing a snake as a hat?... that's right, only here at Alligator Adventure!

Alligator Adventure has ample parking in the Barefoot Resort area. Parking is free of charge.

Alligator Adventure Address

Address: 4604 U.S 17, North Myrtle Beach, SC 29582
Phone:(843) 361-0789

Alligator Adventure Hours

Alligator Adventure is weather permitting, always open. Good idea to call ahead though.

Alligator Adventure Ticket Prices

Admission prices are:

  • Adults $19.99
  • Seniors 62- Older $17.99
  • Children Ages 4-12 $14.99
  • Children 3 and under get in free

When you purchase your ticket at Alligator Adventure, you can receive a 2nd Day Free Pass that is valid for one return admission within 7 days after your initial visit at no additional cost!

Alligator Adventure Map


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